I definitely recommend Pankaj as the Chairman of the ICAI Dubai Chapter for the efforts he has put in, since he has assumed the position in September 2016. He has set a new standard of professionalism for the CA community in Dubai, by ensuring adequate training for all Chartered Accountants, by introducing new concepts and initiatives (e.g., Overseas Study Tours, presentation of plant saplings in lieu of bouquets to dignitaries and speakers, recognitions to CAs for goals achieved) for the CA community, and by professional branding of the CA, to ensure widespread recognition, by which all CAs can hold their heads high and provide a high level of professional service.

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Corridor Resources

You as Chairman of ICAI DUBAI CHAPTER are one of the most energetic & always available Chairman Thanks for being there as source of inspiration for all CA's of the Dubai Chapter

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Mohammed Hanif SURVE

Pankaj has been exceptionally active during the last 9 months as the Chairman of the Institute of CAs of India ,Dubai Chapter .It is becoming great service when one takes time from his busy schedules of business and does it on a consistent basis for the community at large.It has been tireless ,selfless and enthusiastic.During this period he organised many back to back conferences and two study tours which immensly helped the professional fraternity for their professional development and networking.I wish him good luck and May Almighty God bless him in abundance in all his future endeavours .

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Managing Partner
Dubai Insurance Co

Amazing work done so far as Chairman , setting new heights in the chapters history

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Ramanathan Narayanasamy
Chief Financial Officer
Morison Menon Chartered Accountants

Pankaj Mundra has done a good job as Chairman of the Dubai Chapter of Institute of Chartered Accountants of India
Impressive in organising good events for the benefit of the members and managing the affairs of the Chapter also creating awareness about ICAI and its members

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Rajendran KR
Manager Audit and Assurance
Dubai International Real Estate

Pankaj is honest and sincere in his work. whatever plans he will execute with full commitment. As a chairman of Dubai chapter (ICAI)his contribution is immense ànd value addition to the CA fraternity.Thank you for all your efforts Pankaj. Keep it up good work.

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CA Srinivasa Rao Edara
Head - Finance & Accounts
Slant Agency DMCC

| Subject Matter Expert-- Cost-Volume-Profit Analysis I have now known Pankaj for more than a decade. His values, his cultured character, his passion and a caring disposition have been visible then also. He has made them larger than life as he has evolved from an young executive to an enthusiastic leader. His passion is the same whether he works for profit or has involved himself with 'not-for-profit' organizations. I am blessed to have got in touch with him a decade back and it continues....

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Hemant Mundhra
Director - Consultancy
MCA Management Consultants Ltd

Pankaj is a Focussed Team Leader.He discharges with Hard Work & Dedication of any responsibility he undertakes.One such evidence is recently Concluded Annual CA Conference of Dubai Chapter under his Chirmanship.

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Satya Sai Prakash Sunku
Outsourced CFO
Al Ahli Bank of Kuwait

I've known CA Pankaj through my various participation's in events / conferences. Pankaj comes across as a thorough professional and very dedicated and enthusiastic individual. He is also an excellent speaker and host. I look forward to a long and mutually beneficial association with Pankaj and also wish him good luck for all his future endeavors.

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Mrutyunjay Nagral
Senior Credit Officer - Corporate and Commercial Banking
Range Developments

Pankaj is an excellent Chartered Accountant but I need not delve into that. He has great social, networking skills which he has put into very constructive use as the Treasurer of the Dubai Chapter of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India.I have seen him campaign to become a Committee Member and Treasurer. Once achieved, I have seen the number of Chapter members grow by leaps and bounds with Pankaj's efforts.As a member of the Chapter I have seen that the Committee led by the Treasurer has brought in a large number of prominent companies as sponsors of the events conducted by if. This has helped improve the events, by having consistently high quality speakers, gifts, prizes for the attendees etc.Definitely Pankaj has played a key role in enabling the Chapter to improve, grow and deliver outstanding events for the benefit and professional growth of all members.As a prudent finance professional he did increase the membership fees but I am not complaining, it has been worth very fil!I believe with these qualities Pankaj will be able to deliver great results in very sphere of his professional life and I recommend him highly.

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Jeetendra Bhatia
Chief Financial Officer

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