Mahfel Huq & Co, Chartered Accountants

Pankaj is a very dynamic and self motivated professional working globally. During his stay in Bangladesh we found him very cooperative with sound technical knowledge. I appreciate his attitude.

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Senior Partner
PNB MetLife India Insurance Co. Ltd

Pankaj is an achiever. I find Pankaj to be very enterprising & resourceful. Having the tread the path of entrepreneurship at an age when most professionals look to consolidate & seek an identity in corporate work culture, Pankaj has & continues to do very well as the founder & managing partner of Nimai consultants. I have been very impressed with the level of competence, professionalism & growth demonstrated by Nimai team. Wish the team all the very best

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Vineet Maheshwari (AAIA, ACA, ARA)
Associate Director- Finance : Head of FP&A, Procurement, Investment Mid / Back office
Logica Management Consultancy LLC

Pankaj is well behaved and dedicated fellow. He is easily approachable and down to earth. To keep it precise & to the point, the few things which are amazing in him are - outstanding communication skills, very good interpersonal relationships, the speed & accuracy in his every task, the enthusiasm & level of involvement that he shows in the smallest of the things and the discipline.

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Sunil Pareek
Associate Director
Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank

Pankaj has a strong business acumen and a working network which contributes the development of aspiring and experienced professionals.One of the charismatic personality in the field of professional development

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Pratap Kumar
Unit Head
Standard Chartered Bank

I have known to Pankaj for the past 8 years. After working around 8 years in different companies and was seeking for better prospects in Banking domain .As Pankaj is a very well networked; especially in the financial and the Corporate sector in the UAE. He hasn't only recommended me to his contacts but went an extra mile to connect me in Standard Chartered Bank .I have also seen him helping other fellow members for getting better job prospects. He along with his business skills also a very helpful and friendly individual. I wish him all the best.

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Ashish Dalmia
Head of Finance Group Technology and Operations, MENAP Africa
Al Tayer Insignia LLC

I know Pankaj from more than 10 years or so .He is of very charming & friendly nature and always ready to help others whether it is professional or personal front . He has been an active member of the ICAI, Dubai Chapter and thru his large professional network he has managed to refer a lot of people to get job in various industries . In fact i got my current job because of referral received from Pankaj. I wish him good luck in all his future endeavors .

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Manoj Somani
Financial Analyst-Fashion and Jewellery Division
Networth Managment Consulting FZC-Dubai -UAE

Pankaj is one of the few young talent who is very dynamic,versatile and has excellent execution capabilities to perform any assignment.
He is quite updated with Global business scenerio and got vast ability to prejudge future outcome after detail analysis of the trend.

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Deepak Loonker
Executive Director
Eco Health Ltd

Pankaj is a high achiever and I have no hesitation in recommending him for the post of treasurer of ICAI , Dubai Chapter

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Sherring Thekekkara
Chief Executive Officer
MB Holding Company LLC

I highly recommend Pankaj for his commendable work as a treasurer of the Dubai Chapter of ICAI and a true professional with a clear vision. . He is an easy going person with a charming personality and a very helpful friend.

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Internal Audit Manager
Nimai Management Consultants

I worked with Pankaj in 2000-2001, when he joined as an industrial trainee in ICICI Bank Ltd in Mumbai. He handled a team of accounts assistants exhibiting wonderful qualities calm behavior, problem solving abilities, team motivator, sensitive to others, helping nature, ethical & moral values, etc. He has a grateful attitude towards all the people with whom he has interacted. These inherent qualities have helped him in growing into a successful entrepreneur today. He is one of the best networker & he is always looking for adding value to people who come in contact with him. I wish him all the success!!!

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Head of Trade Operations

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