I have known Pankaj for over 6 years. He comes across to me as a successful professional/entrepreneur who commits very seriously to his tasks/responsibilities. He has excellent knowledge of his domain and his client’s can be assured that he will not only deliver the right solutions, but will provide a valuable partnership.As an effective leader who leads a team of professionals, he has consistently delivered and keeps a great balance with his consultancy work as well as in his community commitments.

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Vivek Gupta
Chief Financial Officer
Albaraka Bank (Pakistan) Ltd.

Pankaj is someone who gets things done. Pankaj has a very strong commercial understanding and an eye for the big picture. He is particularly good at taking something very complicated, with multiple stakeholders that had never been done before and make it happen. He has a very positive attitude, is a great networker, a multitasked and is very result oriented

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Adnan Anwer – CDCS®
Senior Vice President - Financial Institutions
Banque Saudi Fransi

While I have known Pankaj and his company for almost a year now, he as an important representative of his comapny and has provided our bank with very good professional service. Pankaj has always portrayed a professional attitude and approach to his business with the most important trait of personalized service to his clients. He is quite meticulous in his followup and makes his best effort to assure his 100% involvement in transactions till their culmination.
I wish him the very best in his career and his business.

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Anjum Noman Mirza
Head Trade Finance Sales & Solutions, Corporate Banking Group
Xcel Accounting and Bookkeeping

I have known Pankaj for the last couple of years as a colleague in BNI. I am extremely proud to have him in my network. He is passionate about connecting people and working towards mutually beneficial relationships. He is a true "connector". In his tenor with BNI, he has consistently ranked amongst the top network leaders of the group. I have no hesitation in recommending Pankaj whatsoever.

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Simran Samtani
Nimai Management Consultants

Pankaj is a self made Entrepreneur, active chartered accountant, Toastmaster , Senior member of BNI and socially well known and visible figure. I was assocaited with him since ICICI bank days about 10 year back and over thsi period his growth has been stupendous. He is friendly, cheerful, commuincative, straight forward, dashing, energetic and mainatins excellent rapport with all his friends so much so that his words command great respect and commitment . i WISH HIM ALL SUCCESS IS HIS PRESENT EFFORT TO SERVE THE ICAI DUBAI CHAPTER.

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Dilip Jain
BNI Middle East

I am associated with Pankaj for the last two years as a very member of BNI.
His expertise in Finance is commendable and his contacts in the industry and outside is immense.
He is a door opener to many of the multinational and local business groups in Dubai and many of our fellow members have been able to make contacts with the top level management of such companies through Pankaj.
His pleasant and humble nature and willingness help others are to mentioned.
I have no doubt that he will conquer new heights in his life with his exemplary leadership quality and team spirit.
I wish him all success.

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Mohan George Pulinthitta
Regional Director
Prism Advertising LLC

I have known Pankaj as a very active member of BNI, Pankaj has been awarded for being one of the best contributors to the BNI Insomniacs Chapter several times. Pankaj is a very helpful, friendly and simple person. He is very well networked and always willing to go an extra mile to help friends and fellow chapter members. Its my pleasure to know Pankaj and wish him all the best.

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Amit Vardhan
Director Business Development
Panache International FZ LLC

I have known Pankaj for the last two years while in BNI working together. While working with Pankaj, i have noticed him having a tremendous amount of influential contacts especially in the financial and corporate sector in the UAE.Pankaj is a person who can be trusted and would go out of his way to help someone.If you get a change to work with Pankaj, i am sure it would be a pleasure.

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Vishaal S Shah
Vision Recycling & Reprocessing Industry FZC.

Mr Pankaj Mundra is one of the best chairman of ICAI dubai. His work in past 9 months is highly appreciable. I became member of the institute during his regime. His dedication and enthusiasm is reflected in results achieved by chapter in past 9 months. I highly recommend him as chairman of the chapter.

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Rajender Jhawar
Managing Director

Pankaj Mundhra has the Charisma to be with and convince people on things that benefits them in business, personal life, business commuincation and leadership. He has been an active member in BNI, ICAT Toastmasters and CA dubai Chapter. One of the rare breed to start his own venture as an entreprenuer and do his best . I wish him all the best.

He has been very close to ICAT toastmasters, Dubai and has helped many people benefit from the leadership and commuincation track set by Toastmasters international, I being one of them. His words are greatly accepted in the business and social circle whether its a vist to BNI, ICAT or any other toastmasters. In fact we call him the ambasssador of toastmasters.

I personally take pride in wishing him all the best in his future growth.

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Dilip Jain
Management Consultant

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