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Pankaj is dynamic and versatile Professional who has always maintained high level of integrity and commitment in his Profession. He has in depth knowledge in Trade Finance. His contribution to the ICAI Dubai Chapter as a Treasurer has been commendable. Pankaj always exceeds the client expectation. I recommend Pankaj for the SME Leadership Award.

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Nitin Karkera
Finance Manager
Food Specialities Ltd

I have known Pankaj for the past 4 years. Besides his excellent marketing skills, Pankaj is very passionate about his work. He is one who likes to go to the depth of any challenge and he comes out with win-win solutions. His commitment and attention to the detail is exemplary .Over the years, I have seen him display his leadership skills in the CA fraternity with his active participation in the ICAI Dubai Chapter as a Treasurer. I wish him all the best.

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Biji Daniel
Vice President
Meraas Holding

Pankaj..a very energetic, enthusiastic, vibrant and charming personality ..he is a active member of the ICAI and a torch bearer of the profession since i knew him.. He always has a charm, smile and a helping nature....great going buddy..

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Rajesh Fernandes
Manager-Internal Audit & Review
Gulf Oil Middle East Limited

I know Pankaj by last 3 years. He is very friendly and easy to approach person, down to earth and good speaker. I recommend him for the SME leadership award.

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Purushotam Agrawal
Finance Manager
RSM Dahman

As an International audit firm, clients expect the highest level of service from us. So we have to be sure when we refer another service provider that they meet all expectations.In that regards, I found Pankaj and his team at Nimai, not only meet but exceed expectations whenever we have worked with them for arranging finance for our clients.The team has been honest and has laid down expectations right at the beginning of projects.This is a rare trait in today's service providers.I commend Pankaj for maintaining integrity and professionalism in your business.

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Rakesh Pardasani

With Pankaj as Treasurer for last 2 years, Dubai Chapter of ICAI has had a significant rise in the number of members and good sponsors resulting better quality events, speakers & facilities. This goes to show that Pankaj has excellently performed his role as a treasurer. I wish him all the best having trust that he will continue his excellence in all the future responsibilities that may be awarded to him.

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Sunil Kataria
Managing Partner
Abu Dhabi Airport Company

Pankaj is the very definition of an entrepreneur. He has zest for success and comprehensive knowledge of opportunities in market , people and companies. He is highly knowledgeable in his field of business and, at the same time, is capable of quickly understanding his clients' business models and proposing appropriate financing solutions. He quickly hones in on both the client's vision and budget and makes realistic recommendations based on the client's needs

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Ravindra Tewari
Financial Analyst
H.H. The Ruler's Court, Financial Audit Department, Government of Dubai

I have known Pankaj through our mutual association with ICAI, Dubai Chapter. Pankaj is a active member of Accouting and Finance Professional circles in Dubai. As a Treasuer of ICAI Dubai Chapter its his responsibility to keep a tab on the finances of this nearly 1500 strong professional association. Pankaj is also an active member/organiser of the Toast Masters club. On his professiona career he co-founded a Consulting firm Nimai Consultants and make it a successful venture with his dynamism and inter-personal skills. He can be a good competitor and at the same time maintain friendly relations which is one of the reasons he has been successful in making Nimai grow.

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Sounderrajan Ranganathan
Al Fajer Group of Companies

Mr. Pankaj is a well know professional having good leadership skills. He has done commendable work at our CA institute.

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Chandrahas Kini
Audit Manager
Landmark Retail - Home Centre - Dubai

Pankaj is a very well aware about the current business senario and always accessible whenever you need him. Personally he is a very helpful person . I recommend him for the SME leadership award.

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Ambarjit Banerjee
Senior Finance Manager

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